HP Website Update Statement 


Stall  and RV reservations are currently available for the following events:

ICHA                                                  3/20 – 3/25

Ranch It Up                                         4/5 – 4/8


On Monday, 2/19, the following events will be available:

Horse Expo                                   4/12 – 4/15    RVs only

April State Horse Show                  4/19 – 22

Best Little Derby - stalls                 4/23 – 4/29        

If you are a trainer and need to reserve a large block of stalls and would like assistance, please call Louri at 208-442-3335.

RV reservations for Region 4 will open on Monday, 3/5.

Please stay tuned for availability for all other events. 

Thank you for your continued patience in this new reservation process.

If you would like to continue to reservations, please click below: